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Getting to Moriches and Fire Island via Shinne****?

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Would anyone know if it's a hassle to get to Moriches Bay from the Peconic via the Shinne**** Canal? I'm looking at the charts and it seems to be not TOO bad as long as you stick to the channel. We are keeping our boat out on the East End for the first time, in the Peconic Bay area, and so everything is new to me. Thanks for any input.
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I run from moriches to shinne**** very often. It is a very straight forward vourney with well marked channels all the way through the quougue canal as well as into and through moriches bay. The only down side is the speed limit through the canal, but it is a fairly nice ride ( and a great place to let the kids "drive" the boat :) ).

The only place you need to watch is right around the coast gaurd station in moriches as the channel is constantly remarked and may not match the bouy markings on your chart, but other than that it really is an easy jaunt through the entire bay.

The channel from the the shinne**** canal though shinne**** bay up to the bridges is also a very simple ride and well marked. The only "hairy" spot there is at the first bridge that gets you into the west end of shinne**** bay. Not from a navigational stand, but a boat traffic point. But as usual common sense prevails and it really is an enjoyable trek to take.

Best of luck and have fun........Sparky
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