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Getting to Moriches and Fire Island via Shinne****?

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Would anyone know if it's a hassle to get to Moriches Bay from the Peconic via the Shinne**** Canal? I'm looking at the charts and it seems to be not TOO bad as long as you stick to the channel. We are keeping our boat out on the East End for the first time, in the Peconic Bay area, and so everything is new to me. Thanks for any input.
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moriches bay

I run Moriches and FI inlet frequently and just stay on the bouys if you are on a large boat. Like DR fish stated on the weekend there is a lot of boat traffic but me personnaly would not follow someone unless you know them and they have taken the route before.

As far as fishing in Tiana bay which is west of Ponquoge bridge I don't know how well they do there. I have fished there in the fall for bass just west of the bridge and did well with live ells.

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