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Getting Involved

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HJ's last thread here triggered this question.

What can an average joe recreational fisherman like me do to get involved and help in the fisheries management / conservation type areas. Where do I start, who do I contact, what meetings should I go to, what groups to join, where/how to volunteer ect, ?????

I'm serious, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

Thanks/ Northsider
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First step is to read a lot and become knowledgeable about the issues. Under you name it says "north Fork" so I'm assuming you are in NY? The Marine adviosry council meets once a month or so, I think its in Stonybrook? A good start would be attand those meetings, and comment on the issues that you know about and have an interest in. You can also attend the federal council meeting (New England and Mid-Atlantic, I try to post the meeting agendas here. Also the ASMFC meetings which are usually held in VA or MD. Periodically each of these groups also hold hearings which you should attend if you are knowledgeable and interesed in the subject. If you really want to get involved, check the various organizations websites to find out when they have openings for advisors and volunteer to be an (unpaid) advisor.
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