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I worked at a marina for 6 years & blocked many boats, and I STRONGLY recommend taking the boat to a marina to have this done!! If you don't know what you're doing, you can seriously injure yourself and seriously damage your boat!!

All you need is for a pile of blocks to be a little off level, or a jack to be a little off center and the entire boat can come down on you!! And even if you do get out without getting hurt, the boat won't!!....which I'm sure is the last thing you want!

Also, jacking a boat in the wrong spot, or blocking a boat in the wrong spot can damage the boat. Remember, when you block a boat, you're putting roughly 4 to 5 THOUSAND pounds of weight onto a small surface area. The trailer distributes that weight out along a greater portion of the boat. If you don't jack and block in the right spots, you can really do some damage!

Trust me, the cost of a professional is worth it!! And I understand that you don't want to wait, but if that boat falls while your trying to block it up, you'll be waiting a lot longer than a couple of weeks to start fishing!!!!

Sorry to be so harsh, but I personally think that the safety of both you and the boat is more important than a couple of weeks fishing!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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