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Be carefull with cement blocks, I have seen them crumble. Buy boat stands ($40 a piece) Much safer and lasts forever. Can sell them when your through with them too.
As far as painting I'd do it on the trailer. When I did take my 25'er off the trailer it was only to scrape down the entire boat for repainting. The way I did it was different. I jacked up the back of the boat using blocks off wood on the keel. Then place two stands on each corner. Have someone drive the trailer forward very slowly. Watch the stands to make sure they don't tip forward. When you progress far enough put more blocks under the keel (just behind the trailer). When you reach 2/3 boat length (before bottom really vee's) Jack the keel again and add the last two stands. Finish pulling the trailer out. To load back on the trailer. Back the trailer back into the bow of the boat. Hitch up your winch. Back the trailer SLOWLY as you winch the boat onto the trailer while watching the stands so as not to tip them. As you progress you can remove stands and blocks. Remember that having a jack blocked up under the keel during the whole process adds a level off saftey.
Good luck. Thats the way my Mechanic taught me to do it.
Capt. Spike
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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