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Georges Cod

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Where is the place to do a Georges Cod Trip the Helen H out of Hyanns or the Fances Fleet out of Rhode Island.I see the Helen does a trip every day at 4am, the Frances does weekend trips leaving at 10pm returning at 10 pm the next day, is it that long of a ride from Rhose Island or I am missing something?I would prefer to baitfish rather than jigging

Thanks and happy New year
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I recommend both boats. You will catch fish on both. However, I much prefer the shorter trip on the Helen H. Most times you are fishing in a few hours. The boat is fast and it sails from a port much closer to the prime fishing grounds. I like the Frances Fleet as well but the travel time to the grounds takes forever. If you don't mind spending twenty-four hours on a boat, you might also want to try the Yankee Fleet out of Cape Ann, MA. The Cashes Ledge trips are super and often times you will catch a good mix of wolffish with the cod and pollock. Also, that boat sails all summer where the other two you asked about stop making the runs during July, August and September. Why not take a trip on each?

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