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Georges Cod

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Where is the place to do a Georges Cod Trip the Helen H out of Hyanns or the Fances Fleet out of Rhode Island.I see the Helen does a trip every day at 4am, the Frances does weekend trips leaving at 10pm returning at 10 pm the next day, is it that long of a ride from Rhose Island or I am missing something?I would prefer to baitfish rather than jigging

Thanks and happy New year
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Both the Helen H and the Frances have the same fishing. The ride out to the fishing grounds on the "H" is much shorter, but the drive from the NYC Metro area is much longer, so it's a trade off. I like the Frances because there's no need for me to spend money on a hotel as the ride out takes 7 hours and I just sleep on the way out. When I go up to Cape, I end up getting there the night before and staying in a hotel. George's Banks is almost all jigging, so if you want to bait fish, go on a wreck trip as wreckin ball stated--I have not done one yet, but I'm scheduled for a wreck trip this spring...

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