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Gas Tank with hole

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I have a gas tank in my Aquasport that has a hole in it & I need to replace the tank does anyone no where I can purchase gas tanks from. Size is approximatley 6'X 2'X 8" aluminum tank.... Thanks Chris
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Gradysailfish thanks I will try those #'s you gave me & yes the tank is foamed in & it's a real pain getting it out.
The hole is on top near the sending unit & i'm actually thinking of making some sort of patch so I don't have to take the whole tank out because its not going to easy i have some of the foam out & still can not move the tank.
do you no of anything that would patch the tank like an epoxy or liquid steel??????

Thanks Koz i will try that place also

Barthbaiter its a 1990 Aquasport 23" with a newer Evinrude 225HP
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