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Gas Tank with hole

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I have a gas tank in my Aquasport that has a hole in it & I need to replace the tank does anyone no where I can purchase gas tanks from. Size is approximatley 6'X 2'X 8" aluminum tank.... Thanks Chris
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Alloy Metal Works in Farmingdale did a couple tanks for me. 631-694-8163 Pleased with the results, once they made a boo-boo, but fixed it.

Next time, before you reinstall the tank give it a coat or two of epoxy barrier coat or at the very least some zinc chromate paint.

Was it foamed in BTW ?

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Ram is also good, both Alloy and Ram are on Verdi street in Farmingdale.

Last time I went with Alloy because they were quite a lot cheaper then Ram.

Worth contacting both and getting quotes from both.
I know foamed in fuel tanks quite well....we don't like each other :mad: They are a nightmare to remove and cause death and destruction to aluminum tanks.

Below in the images attached you will find a great way to remove foamed in tanks. Just make sure you cut the foam out from the sides of the tank, the best tool for that is a tree pruming blade.

I would not patch the hole, because, likely your entire tank is shot.

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