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RookieHook wrote:
Outboard Evinrude Ocean Pro 225, 1993. What octane do you use for your engine? I know the higher octanes combust better, but how about for 2 cycle engines? Any recommendations?

you won't see any performance benefit from high octane in a 2 stroke... What matters most is the fuel is clean and fresh. Alcohol gasoline blends we are getting lose octane FAST - and separate in moist environments (AKA boats). Higher octane is a misnomer - it doesn't combust BETTER, it just resists early combustion (detonation/knocking) at higher compressions. If your engine isn't tuned for high octane, you are just wasting cash.

What is most important is that you stabilize any gas you get - regardless of octane. Star-tron seems to work fantastic for me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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