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I just returned from West Marine in West Islip. I was comparing the Garmin 240 Blue and the Lowrance X-91. They both have approximately the same screne size and pixel coun (240x240) The 240 Blue is rated at 500 watts and is dual freq. The 240 is rated at 400 watts and is a single 200MHZ freq. The x-91 has 375 watts and I believe the standard transducer is a single 200 MHZ.

IMHO I like the 240 Blue over the X-91 for the following reasons.

1-IMO the display is much better.
2-The higher power rating
3-Price - WM has the 240 Blue for $349 (much cheaper online) - (
WM has the X-91 for $449.
4-Ease of use - I found the 240 Blue much easier to use.
5- Other message boards(www.thehulltruth. com, Many people on these boards give the Garmin fish finders pretty good reviews. Most of them just trash the $%&* out of Lowrance products.

I have many friend who have Lowrance fish finders, and are generally happy with them, but after "playing" with the Garmin unit today, I am going to get the 240 Blue.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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