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Not exactly sure of the Bounce Back series. I went to a tackle shop and the owner went through the Loomis series of rods with me to see which was best suited for blackfish for me. he recommended the SWR844C. Its a 7', heavy, fast action rod. It has an extremely sensitive tip, weighs next to nothing, but has alot of backbone. It's been my go-to black fish rod all season except when the situation call for 12ozs of lead or more...than I go to the old "pool-stick". I love this rod!!! Teamed with a Penn 965 with 30lb fireline...WOOHOO!!! A small tog on the line is still fun and when you have a nice sized fish on(my personal biggest this year is 7lbs on that rod) its a blast. You can feel every single pound and dive of the tog and still be able to move it away from the wreck/rocks. Thats just my opinion though. I'd go to a shop and test out a few of the rods with atleast a 8oz weight to see how they feel.

Remember, ya gotta hook 'em to cook 'em.

got tog?

Bergalls have feelings too...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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