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So me and my buddy are fishing this cove on staten island. It was a half a mile walk to our spot. I was in front of him so i waded out into the water till about 4 feet deep. I was focusing on this rip caused by big boulders, casting some top water lures. I then notice my buddy coming out to meet up with me. I'm still not paying attention.

Then i hear something splashing around like crazy. I look to my left, and all i see is my buddies hat floating and his rod sticking out of the water. Then he blasts out of the water with this sad puppy dog god help me look. The water temp is only about 47 degrees. So he goes back to the shoreline and takes his waders, shirt, and socks off.

I fish for a little more and then walk back up to the shore to see how hes doin and ask if he wants to leave. He says "No i don't wanna go, im just gonna walk back to the car to get some dry clothes and i will meet ya back here in a little while." I said "Okay, im gonna walk to that point over there." So he walks one way, i start the other.

I navigate myself between the rocks and my buddy is making some good headway. Start making some casts with my smokey joe redfin. 3rd cast in I have a heart attack. No matter how much you fish, when your not expecting it and a decent size fish explodes on your lure 4 feet away it always startles the crap out of you.

Missed him. Next cast.....Hit...missed him. I whistle back to my buddy, but its too late he can't hear me. Next cast..BOOOOOM. The fish immediately starts taking line, so im thinking im gonna lose him...I have 12 lb test on, too many rocks...he felt like a huge bluefish, so strong. Then he surfaces, nice bass! The current must have been ripping strong, it took a while to horse this fish (although i dont use the heaviest gear...7 1/2 foot limaglass, original penn 450").

Finally i get my hand in his gills and drag him back to shore, take the hooks out, take a picture and let him go.

Now im thinking, ****...that was nice too bad my buddy wasnt around. I go back in the water. He bend the eyes on my redfin so i tie on a striper redfin. Next cast..BOOOOM 15lb striper..landed, no sign of my friend...I caught about 10 - 12 fish, between 10 - 25 lbs each. I lost about 5 or so.

Finally the fishing dies down after about an hour..and thats when i see my friends flashlight (its getting dark now) at the base of the jeddi. He says "you missed it, i was fishing at the point half way between the here and the car. Some guy was bait fishing and caught a decent sized bluefish." I walked up to him, said.."here smell this". stuck my hand out "this aint my girlfriend" I then proceeded to tell him about the fishing, he screamed "B-LLSH-T!". Luckily i always have my digital camera wedged in my boot and take pictures of all the fish i release."

He cursed the whole way back to the car.

I sang the whole way back to the car.

Anyway, thought some might be bored...and its my first post so i thought it might be a cool way to introduce myself.

I fish the surf in staten island alot. Im 22, and have been fishing the surf for 14 years. Howzit goin? :)
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