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Funky Weather on the North Shore today.

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Was down at the water early afternoon. The weather went from a sunny sky no wind to a black sky, south wind 10-15 thunder and golf size hail. As fast as it came was as fast as it went. Kind of reminded me of 2 years ago when we had the water spouts out of PortJeff/Mt. Sinai. I thought for sure I was gonna see Toto again. :)

Was anyone else out in it?

Pic of water spout 2 years ago out of Mt. Sinai.


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i was in rocky point around 12.00 12.30 when that funky weather came through
headed east to riverhead and we had wind rain thunder the whole way out there then blue skys and sun
...i almost took the scooter out today too
good thing i didnt
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