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Funky Weather on the North Shore today.

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Was down at the water early afternoon. The weather went from a sunny sky no wind to a black sky, south wind 10-15 thunder and golf size hail. As fast as it came was as fast as it went. Kind of reminded me of 2 years ago when we had the water spouts out of PortJeff/Mt. Sinai. I thought for sure I was gonna see Toto again. :)

Was anyone else out in it?

Pic of water spout 2 years ago out of Mt. Sinai.


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;) That comment on seeing toto again made me laugh Barbra.. But you have one toto already:confused:. you posted a picture of him a while back..

The church ceremony Saturday morning might be responsible..

I went into church (rare event for me) for something for my niece.

It cleared and the sun appeared. Sending down warm pencils of light shining down through white puffy clouds. There was a Biblical like sky on the South Shore at 11 AM . Then, 2 hours later it was dark windy and 20 degree's colder with thunder cracking in the distance immediately after the ceremony

Winds and rain so terrible that one of the few days I wear an expensive Brooks Brothers suit it has to rain buckets and get wet...

Then as suddenly as it appeared it was gone. The temperture came back up, the sun out, and it was a beautiful spring day again.

Strange indeed..

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