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fundraiser for Assemblywomen Ginny Fields

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Assemblywomen Ginny Fields is a staunch supporter of fisherman's rights, protector of our beach and boating access and a compassionate friend to the outdoor community. She has repeatedly voiced our concerns and protected our intrests in Albany.
It is now time for us to show our appreciation for her deidcation and untiring efforts on behalf of the marine environment.
Thursday, May 1st, 7-9PM- fundraiser for Assemblywomen Ginny Fields at the Riverview Restaurant, hors d'oevres, lite buffet.
Contributions: $100.00 per person (please make checks payable to Citizens for Ginny Fields)
For additional information, plese contact Chuck Hollins at 516 381-0452.
Plese rsvp by April 27, 2008
Thank you
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haven't got my rebate check back yet.. wish I had $100 bucks to take the wife out to dinner, never mind Ginny
... I'm sure she's a wonderful person but I need to save every penny for gas these days, good luck with the turnout
, tough times not lack of interest here..
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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