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If my count is correct this is the 3ed incident on Long Island already

Rescuers save canoeists from Long Island Sound
BY JOSEPH MALLIA | [email protected]
7:49 AM EDT, March 31, 2008
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Three people were rescued from the waters of the Long Island Sound after their canoe overturned Sunday evening off a Stony Brook beach, the Suffolk police said.

The police sent out a helicopter and a boat to rescue the three, Amad Sarwar, 22, of Westgate Lane, Old Field, Chris Kalogeras, 23, of Chestnut Avenue, Medford, and Amber Humphrey, 19, of Tower Hill Road, Shoreham.

The three were on the water about a mile off West Meadow Beach in Stony Brook, with another friend in a kayak accompanying them when the canoe overturned at around 6:20 p.m. None of the four boaters had a life jacket, the police said.

The three canoeists held onto the side of the kayak in 42-degree weather and called for help using a cell phone.

Sixth Precinct units arrived first at the scene and located the victims offshore, then directed a Suffolk Police helicopter which dropped an emergency life raft to the three. A police department boat then arrived to pull them out.

The boaters were taken to Stony Brook Harbor and then to Stony Brook University Medical Center for treatment of exposure and hypothermia. One victim had a body temperature of 91 degrees.

All four boaters, including kayaker Nick Alexander, 24, of Brookwood Lane, East Patchogue, were issued summonses for failing to have life jackets.

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Young & dumb but thankfully lucky.
It takes age to make one realize ones mortality.
I bet those kids grew up quickly as the hung onto the canoe

That Darwin statement never sits well with me
It tends to be said by people who have little compassion for others.That is not a good trait to have.
We have all done stupid things and gotten away with them.

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With small craft like kayaks and canoes we need to get out there, and educate people with less knowledge on the dangers of cold water, and the proper use of a PFD. Some don't see the dangers in it. We must enlighten them.

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