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Freshwater Report

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Hello Freshwater buffs,

My freshwater partner (Crash), brother (Roberto) and I ventured out to upstate NY waters and we were rewarded with several qualities slabs (Crappies) and a few 32" monster toothy critters snakes (Pickerel). We bounced lake to lake and with much surprise, there were cooperative critters on small spinners, spoons and small topwater swimmers.

We plan on repeating this journey soon with the hopes that the lake doesn?t ice up. Just wondering, how many of you out there are taking advantage of this cold fishery?

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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So much for the first cast jinx, huh Al? :)

Let your brother know that I was very honored to meet him, what a fisherman!! Everytime I turned around the guy was reeling something in!

I don't think we'll see open water up there agian till april Al. BUT your LI lakes should be RED HOT for open water fishermen for awhile yet.

Got Auger?

Thats right man this weekend will see me staring down a hole, most likly right where we where last weekend. I'll go out on 3" when I know the area and that shallow cove should be just about there. :):)
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Hiya Crash,
What did I tell ya about my bro. He is NO joke when it comes down to the freshwater thing... ;)

This weekend should be alot of fun and let's hope we have thick ice!!!! BTW: You just reminded me to call somebody and get my auger back. thanks!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
Freshwater = Brrrr!!! I am pissed I missed out, although I won't admit it in person. I will give this Ice Fishing thing a try, but I make no promises to try it again. I have visions of -10 degrees and my beard freezes and breaks off. Elke will be happy, but I'll be ticked off.

Hey Crash - I just thawed out - is it colder on the lake, or in your garage?

Hey Alberto - Crash was testing out on of his Ice rods and it broke. You got one he can borrow? Just be sure to remind him he cannot use it for Tog (inside jokes between the SBFC) SNAP!!! - see that's why I spiral my guides!!! LOL.
Somebody mention fresh watuh? :)

Here's a picture of a talented guy with a REAL freshwater PIG.

I'll be lucky if I catch one of these in my lifetime.
Never seen |Al so groomed with a fishing rod and fish in hand. Must be a cardboard cut-out or something.

You want a Freshwater Report?? Here - Went out with Crash to Prospect Park. Froze like ****. Should've stayed home or went to Canarsie. In true Brooklyn style, I didn;t think the lake would be frozen yet - well the nly spots that were froxen was the ones I thought would hold fish. Duh.

Next time I invite him I'll make sure there are fish somewhere around, and it's warmer than 10 degrees wind chill.
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