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Hey everyone (particularly those in NY), I just wanted to tease you all once again about the flounder season opening in Jersey tommorrow (friday). NaNaNaNaNa ;)
I'm heading down tonight to get my favorite spot, so I can fish tommorrow morning. I won't be around until Monday, so I'll give my report then. At the end of the month, when all you NY'ers are catching the nice, fat flounder, you can rub my nose in it, while I'm catching the Jersey ;)
~tight lines~

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Sounds great spinster but whats a (FOUNDER)?
Founder is the plural of finder.
A finder is ussually found along with losers, keepers and weepers.

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Just got back now (came home early because of rain :( )
Oh well...a sue me :)
Guess what I caught?
I went to Shark river first. Incoming tide...too many weeds. Left after a little while. Headed to Manasquan river. Nothing there either, but there were a few guys catching Herring. Went back to Shark river, and still caught Seen a few nice size flonder caught, and also a few small ones. I figured that the flounder were going to be hitting, but I guess the few cold nights that we've had turned off the flounder.
Oh well...maybe this coming weekend will be better. :)
~tight lines~

funny, but I bet they start biting in Jersey about Saturday, March 16 (-:
maybe a little poetic justice?? LOL
keep us posted on this thread when { if }you start catching them.
last yr. they seemed to be starting a comeback, curious it it's improved or what.
PS What kind of plugs ya using for those flounders? Swimmers or what.. he he poetic justice...I never catch anything ;)

How did that song go the other day?
Oh yeah, NA NA NA NA NA!

"Fishing with an Attitude"
spinfreak i see you've been out there so don't give up yet, that's only one weekend passing by but flounders needs lots of sun an a warm bay to hide
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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