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It's nice to know that 10 bucks out of every booking (starting at $340 a night)is going to save coral reefs. Of course, this kind of development is in large part why reefs need protecting, but why shouldn't we expect hypocrisy from the Nature Conservancy, or any other part of the environmental industry?

And the people at the NY Times, who will run any drivel that the antis feed them, print this kind of fluff with no comment.

December 23, 2007 ? NY Times
Comings and Goings
Atlantis Joins Effort to Save the Reefs
If the luxury accommodations of the Reef Atlantis, a 22-story beachfront tower that opened this month at the Atlantis, Paradise Island resort ( aren?t enough to lure you to the Bahamas, then maybe the property?s involvement with coral reef conservation will win you over.
The Reef Atlantis will be part of Blue Tourism, a collaboration among the Kerzner Marine Foundation, the Bahamas National Trust, the Nature Conservancy, and the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation. The new hotel will donate $10 a booking, as well as some of the proceeds from certain guest activities ? including a 90-minute underwater coral reef tour ($55 a person) ? to the cause.
Nightly rates at the Reef start at $340.
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