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Got this one in my email today. I'm still laughing...

Capeeshe Italiano........

I'm sending this out to every person I know who is Italian, could be Italian, married an Italian, lived with Italians or wants to be Italian!

Let's start at the beginning. Com e stai? Molto bene. Bon giorno. Ciao. Arrivederci. Every Italian from Italy knows these words and every Italian-American should.

But what about the goomba speech pattern?

Those words and phrases that are a little Italian, a little American, and a little slang . Words every Paesano and Bacciagaloop we have heard, - words we hear throughout our Little Italy neighborhood.
This form of language, the "Goomba-Italiano" has been used for generations. It's not gangster slang terms like "whack" or "vig",
if that's what you are thinking---nope, this is real Guido talk.

The goomba says ciao when he arrives or leaves. He says Mama Mia anytime emotion is needed in any given situation. Mannaggia, meengya, oofah, and of course, va fon**** (just read MMs new decree) can also be used. Capeesh?

He uses a moppeen to wipe his hands in the cuchina, gets agita from the gravy and will shkeevats meatballs unless they are homemade from the famiglia. Always foonah your bread in the pot of gravy (sauce) or you will be considered a real googootz or a Mezzo-finookio.

There are usually plenty of mamalukes and the girl from the neighborhood with the reputation is a facia-bruta, puttana or a schifosa.

If you are called cattivo, cabbadost, sfatcheem, stupido, or strunz, you are usually a pain in the neck.

A crazy diavlo can give you the malokya (evil eye), but that red horn (contra malokya) will protect you if you use it right. Don't forget to always say per favore and grazia and prego.

If you are feeling mooshadda or stounad or mezzo-morto, always head to Nonna's and she will fix you up with a little homemade manicott',
cavadell', or calamar ', or some ricotta cheesecake.

Mangia some zeppoles, canolis, torrone, struffoli, shfoolyadell', pignoli cookies, or a little nutella on pannetone. Delizioso! I think I will fix myself a sangweech of cabacol' with some proshoot and mozarell' or maybe just a hot slice of peetza.

So salud' if you have any Italian blood in you and you understood anything written here! Then, you are numero uno and a professore of the goombas .

If you don't get any of this, then fa Nabola with the whole thing and you are a disgraziato.

Scuzi, Mia dispiachay, I didn't mean that...Just...fugheddaboudit.

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I just forwarded what I got, but it's spelled phonetically so everyone can enjoy!

I'm still cracking up about "sangweech."

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SORTIE wrote:
most of the Italian words known by the average American come from The Godfather, Goodfellas, Married to the Mob, and The Sopranos

We're not talking about the "average American" here, we're talking about the average New Yawker, and the average New Yawker could teach those actors more Italian than they knew after they made the movie. But kids who grew up in Greenwich probably weren't exposed to that.

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SORTIE wrote:
most of the Italian words known by the average American come from The Godfather, Goodfellas, Married to the Mob, and The Sopranos

Pretty sad isnt it.....

When I read posts like this the word WANNA-BE comes to mind.

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Don't be sorry Roc Roc....a Molto piacere..;)..Bravo....:tu:

I may not look it...but I am 1/2 Italian...and I understood it ALL !

Too funny......and sooo true.....

Mister X.....Wannabe....maybe true today of Generation X...but in the older generation...they really tawked like dat....

MM...ya see the spelling don't matter.. is in the saying it.
..that is funny to is a theaterical way to express what you wanted to say...that kept you connected to your heritage and the old country...and your Grandparents

Even if it sounded ignorant to felt like home to us...
that makes sense..........No?.....;)

My mother was born in lived in Brooklyn and Hollis.
Moved out to the Island when I was one.

Personally I tried to lose the accent in my 20's when I got handed a list by a modeling agency that said work on your accent

And I am not around that kinda talk too much anymore but when I get with my Goomba New York...Italian american accent gets as thick as Gravy....

I wondered why Chevy asked if anyone still makes Sauce.......the first thing I thought is...It is Gravy..........LOL

Why :confused: You bacca-ga-loops is because it usually is cooked with meat in it....just like any gravy....;)

I still use mamaluk, mopeana...skootch...or skootchamel.......skeevatz..Primadonna....pisana...
Gack-A-don....which I am......sometimes....;)..LOL

Grazie to immigrants....

Haven't used Fa-Napola in a long time....but may in the near future...if Pablo gets in trouble.:)

scusi for my spelling........:)


Caio Pizan,


PS: Even if it was duplicate thread...;) I didn't Katch it the first time, or second time posted.....glad it was repeated

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Never gonna see those days again
Never pronounced those words/sayings correctly, but we all understood everything.
I'm 55 and I wouldn't change a thing about my yoot.
Also grew up in Brooklyn. 1000 percent different now then 30 years ago.
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