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Food for thought

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Just fastforwarding to what our conversations will be in a few months.

OC: So CanyonFVR...How is fishing?
CF:Well OC...Fishing is great but with Gas prices at $6.70 a gallon right now it is not as fun as it used to be.
OC:WOW...$6.70 a gallon. I paid almost 7.00 yesterday.

The Govt needs to remove oil and gas along with numerous other commodities from being freely traded.
A hedge is one thing but this is rediculous.
There is no more or little gas now than there was several month ago.
It is amazing what the human race can do to make it increasingly more difficult for ourselves.
Do we really care about each other. I really think not sometimes.
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i was looking at the fuel prices thread gas has jumped almost $75 cents a gallon since last october
we were complaining bout it being @.15 a gal in 05 :rolleyes: i wish it was that cheap again
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