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Fly Swap

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Anyone up for a fly swap? We would probably need about 6-12 people. Let's do a sand eel or clouser swap, since they are relatively easy and cheap to tie up. I'll start w/ my favorite early season fly, the sand eel clouser. Last year I took fluke, bluefish, porgies, keeper bass, shad, sun dials and sea robins (don't count)all in one afternoon on that fly! I'd be willing to handle the distribution. So who's in?


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looks like we've got a bunch of sticks in the mud, eh? Guess it's you and I flee boy...I'll bring the beer!

craig, so what are you tyin? We'll give it a few days and then tally up the participants. So far we have:
1. Me: sandeel ultrahair clouser with a twist ;)
2. Sand flee with a sand eel polar fibre clouser
3. craig with _____

Anyone else like to join? This is a good way to get some new patterns you may have never seen before!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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