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Fly Swap

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Anyone up for a fly swap? We would probably need about 6-12 people. Let's do a sand eel or clouser swap, since they are relatively easy and cheap to tie up. I'll start w/ my favorite early season fly, the sand eel clouser. Last year I took fluke, bluefish, porgies, keeper bass, shad, sun dials and sea robins (don't count)all in one afternoon on that fly! I'd be willing to handle the distribution. So who's in?


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Sounds like a great idea Capt., i dont currently have an available pic of a clouser, but i think it's a good choice to start out a swap maybe everyone ties 3

now we need 5-11 more


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Please caulk my coffin so it floats,
Then moor it with the fishing boats.

Take pains to see it doesn't leak
As it rides the tides my favorite Creek.

I know I'll be contented there
With the sun and sand and salty air.

Put fishing gear inside with me -
What follows death is mystery.

The Lord may let me fish some night,
When the bunker bass begin to bite,

And some small short that I've released
I'll catch full-grown when I'm deceased.


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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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