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I have a pair of Trevala TVSC-63M paired with torium 14s, 40 lb braid. Usually used for vertical jogging for stripers up at ptown.

I am heading out for a day on the shoals flukimg, first time going. Realistically, what’s size weights will this take, for I hear a wide range is needed. Welcome thoughts!

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first time going
It’s an exploratory trip for you. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Ocean fluking.
A tog rod that’s carbon fiber with a limber tip and a rigid mid section.
Wide variety of lead. The shoals is on a rotary current. Your striper rod
will work just fine. I’m not sure what species you’re targeting at George’s.
When I’m there it’s cod. On average 200 to 250 feet of water. I use 16 to 24
ounces of lead. At 17 fathoms I use ten ounces for blackfish. The boat you’ll
be on lost there anchor. It gets a little tricky. You’re supposed to use a net
when fluking, not a gaff. What’s wrong with these people? 😉👍

You‘re fishing inside 15 fathoms
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