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fluke rod

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I have a 955 Penn reel that I want to use for drift fluking. I use 2,3 - 4oz silver bullets in 20 to 50 feet depth. I want to purchase a rod in the $200 - $250 range - perhaps a g-loomis or lamiglass or ??? Would appreciate advice regarding rod and line to use.
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that's a lot

If you're thinking $250 you should be thinking custom. At that price range you shouldn't have to settle for something off the shelf.
Not to take anything away from Capt. Neil. I have a $70 Penn Powergraph that is ideal for that situation.

If you want to spend that much, Neil is the one to talk to. Check out one of his spiral wrapped rods. Once you get over the shock of how it looks, it is really a great idea.

If you use synthetic line look at the composite rods. They flex more and further down the rod.

If using mono graphite works fine BUT make sure you don't hi stick it. Graphite should be fished between 3 and 5 o clock.

Seeker, Diawa, shakespeare, Loomis and Lamiglass have some very nice rods.

Calstar makes great blanks and I'm sure very nice rods. I do not know what store you would see them in. I do have several demos I loan for testing purposes.

Capt Neil
Teo years ago Capt Neil pointed me towards the Calstar GRafighter blanks and I can say they are the greatest fluke rods that I have ever used. I wrapped them up and put the Penn 965 on them with some power pro. Add some Spro Jigs and Bullet Jigs and I was in business. Used them to catch a 9+ lb fluke last year. If you want the specific modle blank that I used send me an email and I will look it up. Tight lines.
Any off the shelf models recommended?

I was wondering if any one could recommend a good fluke (off the shelf)rod and reel setups as well as any other tips on how to catch the buggers.

How deep are you fishing and where?

Many of us fish shallow water(up tp 15' or so)using 1/2 or 3/4 oz bucktails. For that we use light weight rods.

If you fish deep water and 2-6 oz weights, you need a medium rod. If you fish deep water and fast currents using 8-12 oz sinkers you will need a heavier rod.

Visit your local tackle shop and explain where you will fish and they will gladly help you find the proper rod and reel.

You will find many brands to choose from. These factory rods are ones to look at, Seeker, Diawa, Shakespeare, Lamiglas. There are many others less expensive that will catch fish.

For my custom rod customers I stock excellent blanks made by Lamiglas, Seeker, Calstar and a few others.

Have fun finding the rod that is right for you.

Capt Neil
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The Penn inshore series is fantastic off the shelf fluke rod, but don't use it with braided lines as I have seen two of them just last year snap in half. Daiwa makes a good rod that we just got into the shop, good price good rod. Those two might be worth looking into.
I recommend G-loomis GL2 723. It cost about $120. But it is light enough and stronger than expensive rod like GLX or IMX. There are not many rod which can match with GL2 723 for sensitibity and stiffness which is critical for jigging fluke. I've tested this rod in many different area like Raritan Bay, Ambrose Channel, Reynold Channel, Montauk, North Fork, Mattituck Inlet, Huntington Bay, Point Judith, RI, Hyannis and Provincetown, Cape Cod, deep or shallow. Still I have not found a better rod for fluke. With a braided line, most time I can feel whether fluke swallow my bait or still hold it.

k song
I definetly recommend a G-Loomis for that $. If you are fishing deeper water try the MUR 843C 7'light as a feather but powerful for $170. If are in shallower water go look at the GLX series rods @ 6 1/2'. Once you go Loomis you never go back

The biggest mistake I ever made was buying a loomis!!

Now I can't even look at another rod, and the Loomis habit becomes very expensive.

I own some St. Coix, Quarrow, and Shimano baitcasters and none of them come close to the Loomis.

I have all the musky series rods and they are awesome rods for bass and deep fluking.

On the lighter side the GL2 series has a bunch of 6' to 7' rods from $115 to about $160.

If you feel like spending $300 + get yourself a GLX, absolutely the best.
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Fluke rod

If you are going to be talking custom and graphite, can't beat Graphite USA blanks, the particular model would need to be chosen for your specific task, the strongest graphite blank made today.
Hi John,

How do those Graphite USA blanks hold up when customers use synthetic line, get hung up in a wreck and hi stick in an attempt to bust free?

I heard the rifle shot when a simular thing happened when a big guy did the hi stick thing using 40 # mono. This was with a Lamiglas GBT 841M, a real thick walled blank.


Take care John.

Flounder fishing isn't very good. Fluke have been in the bays for 2 weeks. We still don't know when we can fish for them.

Hope things in the sun shine state are better.

Capt Neil
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