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The west end head boats had a terrible time getting a few keepers last season. Most times people were coming off without keepers, or just one fish. The cost of a fluke trip on one of these head boats wasn't worth it. We should get a few into our pails this year, and that should help the partyboat fleets. As for chartering for fluke, I don't think you can justify a trip for 4 fish a man. Private boat owners will at least be seeing improvement for their expenses as well, especially with the gasoline prices probably at all time highs. You only need a couple of fish for the table anyway, not 7 or 8 fish. Most small boat fisherman try to get out 2 times a week anyway, and will be into fish enough that they dont have to keep every legal fish they see. The season suits me also , seeing as I still try for a late spring flounder trip to Romer shoals, or to the Wantaugh bridge before I switch to fluke, and when October hits, just try to stop me from blackfishing. I bet most of us will be satisfied at the end of the fluke season, once we see the advantages to the new regulations.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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