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4 fluke limit


are you talking about paying 100 bucks to fish montauk or orient for fluke.

if so, i think the same people who did before, will continue to do so. remember 4 orient or montauk fluke are 4 nice fluke, not 16 1/2 " fish. then when they are limited out on fluke, they will switch to stripers or sea bass etc.

i voted for option 6: 3 at 16 1/2" with no closed season. i am generally opposed to closed seasons merely to limit catches; unless there is some special factor like the fish are spawning, or about to spawn,at a certain time of year; or are vulnerably concentrated in a certain area at a certain time of year as a part of their natural life history (eg. flounder at the south shore inlets before they leave the bays).

i didn't understand the first two options. it was: 7 at 17" from may 2nd to oct 31st vs. 8 at 17" with no closed season. what kind of mixed-up choice is that? why not: 7 at 17" with no closed season vs. 8 at 17" from may 2nd to oct.31st?

i would have chosen 7 at 17" with no closed season if given that choice.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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