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Fluke Regs.

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Stopped at Captree Sun. afternoon spoke to Capt. Kenny of the Laura Lee. He said the new fluke regs. were voted on last week and were 4 fish at 16 1/2". Has anyone heard anything different? If true the trips to Montauk for fluking will be few and far between. Lou
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The New York Marine Advisory Council voted to go 4-fish at 16 1/2 inches, but that is not the final decision.

The NYSDEC has other considerations and I?m sure we?ll hear from them soon. If you?re not happy with the NYMAC vote contact the DEC and let them know your position.
Ideally, different size limits (and bag limits)
for different sub-regions of this area would be best, but obviously a nightmare for
purposeful adherence as well as enforcement. Fishing the western south shore, I would have been OK with just 3 fish, but
at 16". I wish they would look at winter flounder the same way!
Fluke Limits

Hey Lou, If the fluking in Montauk is 1/2 as goods as last year, limiting out shouldn't be a problem. I think I speak for most people, 4 16 1/2" fish is enough FRESH fillets for a nice meal.
I agree with 16.5" & Norman

better chance of having a nice fish dinner and will also conserve @ this
16.5" proposal.
personally I think now they should go to 15.5"
theres so many fish @ this size, fluke grow fast and the fishery is fine, the commericals take 80% anyways @ thios size legally. Heck after Sept. 11 people deserve a better Fluke season, more keepers. For the party boats it would be great too.
Too many **** rules for this fish.
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