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Melfluke wrote:
?All things being equal, is monofilament leader equally effective to fluorocarbon leader???

I prefer using monofilament leader (47" strands) because 20lb monofilament is even stiffer than 30lb fluorocarbon and is easier to work with. However, if fluorocarbon will catch more fluke ------- .


Hello Melfluke,
Let me try to clarify the fluorocarbon theory and I will let you be the judge. OK, first of all? if you are fishing in gin clear waters? I would recommend that you USE fluorocarbon leader because the fish can?t see it! However, if you are fishing in semi greenish water with floating weed particles and lots of algae (western LI Sound) ? You probably doesn?t need it. It also depends on the quarry you seek? for example, if you are targeting finicky, line shy fish?. My answer would automatically be YES! However, if you are fishing in a blitz (frenzy) situation? You don?t need it!

Since you are targeting an opportunist predator (fluke via Silver bullet / teaser? You will be bouncing your offering and the doormat will take a close inspection at your offering?. Therefore I would recommend it (I use it)! Also? Make sure to add a spearing or squid strip on your Silver bullet! ;)

In general, when you are wondering about fluorocarbon on a specific condition? There is a saying that I go by? ?When in doubt, use it because it can?t hurt! ?

Hope this helps.

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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