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Hi All:
I see that the Fluke season for us is 7-17. Va. and I think Maryland anglers have gone to 18 inches O U C H !.
WEll justa reminder. Somehting to think about before we get out for 'em.
Fluke can't see well looking foreward. They look UP n OUT to the sides. SSOOWWWW If you ties your rig to your mainline 4-6 even 8 inches ABOVE the sinker, you get to show your rig to a heck of a lot more FLUKE.Golly that was a big sentence.
If you show color to a fluke, you'll start his feeding juices quickly.
Pearl or Whit or green in waters less than 30 feet deep seemed to work well for me. Same for you guys?
When the water was deeper I liked to use Green or dark Blue or even Black.
Down in the Va. Ma. area they were wacking the big guys with Red. I was down for the Va. Beach show and Red and Green and finally Pearl were the hot colors.
Most guys were putting there boats as close to the rocks and bridge abutments as possable. Considering ALL those tankers going buy, that is a dangerous proposition. Good Idea though.
As to sound, lot's of the guys were
using the big colored matching blades on there rigs. Almost ALL the guys were using DEER HAIR OR NYLON in place of
plastic. They said that there stuff "worked lots better" than anything else. True up here too?
They don't fish much deeper than 60 feet. Most of their fishing was 20-60 foot depths. Seems they keep catching the same sma;; fish over n over again when they fish in the bays. O U C H !
Well i'm lad we still have 7-17 inches not 18 inches or greater. Whats the N.J. laws this year? anyone know?
Thanks for letting me natter on. Hope to hear from you all.
Joseph B.
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.

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Bigeye- As u mentioned fluke look up and out, my solution to that is to use the normal 3-way fluke rig with some sort of neon float or spin n glow above the hook so instead of draggin the squid/spearing combo on the bottom, it elevates the bait off the bottom and gives it better action which drives the fluke nuts. I like the floats cabelas has, they look like a long skinny pill and are very vibrant in color. Also the spin n glows work great. Be sure to put a little red bead between the knot and whatever float you use cuz the knot will chew away at the float. Also i like to tie my lead with lighter line than the mainline so when u snag youll just break the sinker instead of losing the whole rig. Good Luck!

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