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flounders are biting...

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here's a report from Pt. Pleasant NJ:

03/26/03 Flounder fishing continues to be the only game in town compared to the ocean fishing. Captain XXX and Captain XXX are pleased with the flounder fishing so far this spring and they have sailed every trip this week with good success. Monday afternoon was excellent fishing, everyone on board caught fish, with a few anglers catching close to 10 keepers.

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Thanks for your great report.
Your are right. Kash at the Fred's tackle has been around for a long time and has a lot of local knowledge and the guys at MM tackle go out fishing everyday in the Hudson to give real up-dated reports.
But I wish your report include what happens in Sourthern New Jersey too. We have many access to fishing report in Northern New Jersey. In addition to your report, we can get pretty updated reports from other sources like Al Ristori Column in the Star Ledger or John Geiser Column in the Asbury Park Press. However it is very hard to get a fishing report in Southern New Jersey. In my opinion many fishermen are interested in fishing in South Jersy and also what happens in south can be an indication what will happen in our area in a week or so. For example, many guys are looking forward to catching mackerel this spring, but they have no idea when they show up here. I found out that there are no mackerel in Cape May as of today jet. They even don't show up in Ocean City, MD. It means we have very late and very short season here. The other example is blackfishing has been good from last week near Cape May area . It also means blackfishing starts biting soon in our area. There are great bluefin tuna fishing out of Cape May in late June and July and excellent blackfishing in spring and fall in sourthern NJ. This kind of information is very useful to the Noreast members.

Kil Song
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