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flounders are awake in NJ...

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here's a report out of Pt. Pleasant...

03/26/03 Flounder fishing continues to be the only game in town compared to the ocean fishing. Captain XXX and Captain XXX are pleased with the flounder fishing so far this spring and they have sailed every trip this week with good success. Monday afternoon was excellent fishing, everyone on board caught fish, with a few anglers catching close to 10 keepers.

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...just signs of life, not a boat ad. i've never fished there.
KIL - great news - thanks for the links.

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Had to go see for myself, see my report under NJ. No keepers for me, but did catch my first fish of the spring.

Afterwards, I realized it's too expensive to go fishing in 5 ft of water for such small fish unless they're biting like porgies. With all this cabin fever, I forgot it's not like Moriches Bay 15-20 yrs ago. So much for flounder for me -

As Gamakatsu so eloquently put it before,
I hate to wish away time, but is anybody else seeing green crabs in their sleep?

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