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Huskers23 wrote:
?So what do you do with the Flounder you catch? Personally, I love the taste of the fish and would only take what I truly need and then leave. What happens when you accidentally catch Flounder while bottom fishing? I only ask because you made it sound like I was targeting them just to throw them back into the water while injured.

Please explain. Thanks.


Hi Soundfisher,
I enjoy eating flounder and that?s one of the species my wife (and family) enjoys eating too. However, on several occasions when I caught some nice 3-4 lbs. snowshoes during the off season (Montauk) ? I was very happy to let them go. :)

Just an FYI: I am not saying that you are targeting them just to throw them back. Since I often get questions about C&R flounder fishing? and that the season is closed in NY waters (Opens March 16)? I felt it?s the perfect opportunity to inform those who are not too familiar with the law.

Anyway? The warm winter weather that we are having? I am sure the flounder are there! Catch them up and don?t forget to chum! ;)

Tight Lines!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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