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Flouder disintergration

All valid points made here between predation, over fishing, and god knows what else. Might as well throw in gradual warming of our coastal waters inshore and offshore.

I have a simple theory and the operative word is theory as I haven't yet found a way to converse with a Flounder. How about simply a down cycle in Flounder regeneration/birth rates- here is what I mean and I 'll use non glamour species.

As a kid I couldn't keep blowfish off my line what the heck happened to them? Eels I used dead stick every night at a dock in Lindenhurst, haven't seen one on my line since LBJ was President. Northern Kingfish used to get many of them now I run into a handful every fall, by accident.

On the other side the coin: Searobins we are being invaded why so many now? same goes for Skates, and Dogfish jeeze I picked some Dogs up over open bottom Fluking in July, in 35' of water what gives? Are these species at high birth rates, perhaps, Flounder at historical low birth dates, perhaps. Is the data terriblly accurate on fish harvesting whether commercially or recreationally my hunch is it is a wild eyed guess. And the guess about general fish mortality and birth rates i think is less reliable.

Off to make up some more rigs and not Flounder hooks sorry to say, Gary.

Clearly a very complicated siutuation y
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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