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flounder or togs?

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I am making my first trip this year to sheepshead bay on saturday and can't decide whether or not to go fishing for flounder or togs. The temp. is rising this week so i figured i would go with flounder BUT it is supposed to rain fri night and im not sure how this will effect the flounder. Any info will help thanx!

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IMO, like paper beats rock, tog beats flounder anyday of the week. Good Luck.
Floundering Sucks Right Now

Go Tog - you'll be glad you did
go with da togs, especially after some rain. the water will be cooler due to the fresh water run offs entering the bay where you will be flounder fishing. plus would you rather feel a few little taps or have the rod yanked out your hands by that big 15 pounder??? good luck on whatever you choose....trini
Tog,all the way!!!

I fish from Sheepshead Bay. Went out Sunday for Blackfish,and it was GREAT. Last week-end,just for example,Capt. Dave came back Sat. with no flounder on the boat and on Sun. came back with two. Just not worth the trouble this time of year, as yet. If you go for Blacks,try the Bullet II. Capt on week-end is George. Nickname is (White-Chin), and is a professional,commercial fisherman who specializes in Blackfish. It's as close to a guarantee as you can get that you will catch,and catch em good. I know I'll be back on Sunday.

Go flounder fishing. Leave the tog alone. Let em spawn in peace. Granted, you would probably catch alot of em, but all this catching is really going to hurt us with next year's recreational allotment. Then we'll all be complaining that the powers-that-be have shut down the tautog fishery.

Flounder fishing is EXTREMELY slow, but isn't the challenge a fundamental part of the fun of fishing??!!
Thanks everyone for your opinions... sorry GOTTOG itlooks like i am going for those blacks... but i throw ALL of them back anyway... I don't eat these fish I do it just for the fun of it... the only fish i ever keep are fluke.

Matt17, you do not have to apologize to me. I wasn't pointing a finger at anyone in particular, just trying to make a general point. This past season and the current spring tog season is the best its been in a couple years. I'd just like to see it stay that way. I've seen many LARGE blackfish caught recently and alot of them seem to be good and fat, ready to spawn.
I love to fish for tog and are my favorite to cook by far. I just want to make sure those white-chins are around for our future generations.

Anyway, I hope ya have a great time and get em good(just keep what ya need)...tight lines!!!
All due respect to gottog, but none of the fish have spawn in them and I would like to know if anyone else has made the same observation. Just because the fish are large and fat doesn't mean that they are filles with roe.'s still a lil early for them to start spawning but with the mild winter that we've had I'm just assuming they might start early. (Yeah, I know all about ass-u-ming) Only a few that I've personally seen looked to have started getting "extra" plump ;)
They are starting to move back in though, so it shouldn't be all that long till they start.
I hope the floundering is OK on the eastern flats of the south fork. I'll testing the waters in a yak soon. That black mud sure warms up quickly!! AND...the S. Star helped someone catch a 5 1/2 pounder in the bay.
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