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Flounder fishing in Moriches

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I plan on renting a skiff for flounder out in Moriches this weekend. I haven't really seen any reports from that area. Can anyone out there tell me how the fishing has been the past week or so? Thanks
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My brother lives in moriches and went flounder fishing twice this week without one single bite. I hope your luck is better


try by westhampton bridge west side
a lot of boats there this week also
in quogue canal keep a eye open for
bunker schools bass and nice size
weekfish under them gvisko
Moriches Flatties


Last weekends Artic Blast killed an Easter Sunday thru Thursday flounder rally, and although baywater temps have recovered somewhat, the numbers remain on the cool side. Easterly winds yesterday and today, plus new moon tides haven't helped.

The mud flats near the Smith Point Bridge gave up a few fish during the last of the ebb Wednesday afternoon (the bright sun and light winds, too), but the action is still hit or miss.

The flats on the north side of the bay going towards Quogue, and the area between the east end bridges are probably your best best this weekend.

I always check the local shops and marinas beforehand; they always have up-to-the-minute news.
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From Forge River how do you get to the Westhampton bridge, Quogue canal or mud flats near the Smith Point Bridge?

I went to the Silly Lilly website. They have flounder fishing reports at

Doesn't look like they have too much to post. What they have after this weekend will be interesting. Sunday was a great day (temp wise).
from Forge to Smith Point. At buoy 12 follow channel west about 3nm. To the Westhampton canals- At buoy 12 follow channel east about 7nm. Charts are readily available at any marine store for around $20. Look for a chart that covers Fire Island Inlet to Shinne**** Inlet.

good flounder fishing in moriches

I was working on my boat in silly lilly, and i saw several nice catches of flounder come in on sunday, two guys even had their limit (30 fish), they said they were down by bout 31. after seeing this i wish i started working on my boat earlier

the Kimmy
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