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flounder fishing from the surf

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Hey all, I have a few questions regarded fishing for flounder from the surf. I've never actually done it before and wanted to get some quick info before I ventured out there.

In terms of location, is a shallow muddy bottom the best shot? I know a few south shore back bay spots that are pretty muddy and warm up pretty nice when the sun is out and figured it might be a good shot

Also, I have easy access to loads of mussels..would they work best in terms of chum? Should I crush them up in a chum bag and throw the tied up bag out near where I'll be casting, or should I let the scent drift out from the shoreline?

Lastly, are they fished similar to fluke, except no drift or retrieve? I'm thinking a similar set up with a 3 foot leader tied to a 3 way with a sinker?

Any help you guys could give me would be awesome. I can't wait any longer for the bass season to open so figured this would keep me sane for a few more weeks.

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All sounds good except for your rig. Off that three way snap, loop in one flounder hook that usually come out of the bag on a 12" leader. Tie a dropper mid way on that one and loop in a second hook in "tandem". Rough drawing attached.

Depending upon the tide and current, you probably can just smash the mussels and throw them where you'll be casting. If it's fairly deep off the bank, a bag would work as well.

Off the banks or piers, etc. I would suggest deadsticking one rod. With another cast out and let it sink. Give it a few minutes without bumps but keep a tight line. Then every few seconds or so, slowly "bump" it in a few feet as you reel, keeping it on the bottom. Let it sit a minute or two and do it again and vice versa until it's at your feet. See wich one connects first and go with it but obviously you cant do this with two rods. If the dead stick gets it, dead stick 'm both.


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