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Florida Keys Fishing Adventure

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Will be trailerng 24 Ft C Hawk down to the keys for a week long fishing adventure with some buddies. Looking for some advise as what area of the keys we should concentrate on for this time of year. Will be leaving NJ on 1/10/03 and returning 11/19. Have a chip that covers from Miami all the way down to key west including the Bahamas. Being that we have are own
boat the only thing that we will be limited by will be the weather. Looking to start our trip out of Islamorada and posiibbly head to key west or even the Bahamas if weather permits. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Florida Keys Fishing

Just got back from the keys and the fishing is hot and heavy. Any of the humps at Islamorada or Marathon are working big time. Lot's of nice yellow tails and the king mackarel were jumping in the boat. They were all over the place.

Of course, there were the standard fare of sharks and barracuda along with blue runners and mutton snapper. The best spot was the Atlantic side of Marathon and the gulf south of key west.

Hope it helps guy. You really can't go wrong fishing anywhere in the keys. The only restriction I see with your boat may be the wind. It blows pretty good down there this time of year.
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