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Floating Lift in NY (permits?)

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I have a "floating lift" for my boat. The lift consists of a flexible membrane bladder (like an inflatable runabout) in a "V" or horseshoe shape. The boat pulls into the center of the bladder and it is inflated with air. The bladder acts as a raft to raise the hull from the water and avoid bottom paint. It all works fine.

I am considering slipping my boat at a Marina in New York. The owner of the marina is fine with the whole thing as long as it does not violate any rules or regulations.

I am trying to determine if I require any permits to use such a lift at a Marina in NY. I sent a couple of letters out to try and get the answer to this question but I can't find anyone familiar with this kind of lift (seems there are regulations governing both a floating dock OR a mechanical lift but that is not what I have).

Any ideas?


PS: The bladders have a smaller floating footprint than the boat (both length and beam) and run in a depth no deeper than the draft of the hull. It does not require the addition of any anchors, pilings, augers or anything to the just ties to the dock like a boat would.

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Structures such as that are sometimes called a "hydrohoist," and the local DEC office is familiar with them. They do require a permit. Call the Region One (Nassau/Suffolk) office at (631) 444-0295 to get more info.

Sorry, I missed this come back up originally.

I believe the marina would have to be the permittee as the property owner, but you would probably be able to submit the permits, fees (if necessary) etc. on their behalf. Call that number I posted, and they'll be able to tell you for sure.

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