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getting started

bucktails are probably the most effective artificial lure for a surfcaster , but also require the most skill.

best lure to start out with is a 6" bomber (you already have tin experience), in either a blue flash color or yellow/white. i say this because this plug imitates the majority of our baitfish, and the plug creates it's own action as you retrieve it. retrieve slooooowly for stripers, and faster for blues. fish it at night, around dawn and dusk, and cloudy days.

for topwater, the pencil popper is tops (no pun intended), but like the bucktail requires the most skill. better to start with a cup-faced popper, any color you want as long as the belly is white. make sure you get the floating model, so that you can try a variety of retrieves, from slow to slower. pop hard for blues, swoosh for bass.

with experience, you will learn tides,currents,structure,baitfish and add many other new lures to your bag of tricks. have fun!
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