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Hi GoKou,
Before we can get into the tide specifics, it is important to know the area you fish. Whether it?s from a boat or shore?. The location is very important! What I mean is this? Find a location where there is bait and structure and you are half way there! The second part you should know is when to fish it. That?s when the tide information is critical!

First, you need to ask yourself whether that specific spot is better during high tide or slack tide. How do you know? Well, it?s simple. If you see bait around an area and you wished there were more water to fish?. That spot will probably be a high (flood) tide spot.

Now, let?s look at a different point of view. Let?s say you are in a bay and there is too much water around you ? but, you see a deep hole or drop-off that is not far from you?but you wished you could be just a little closer. What that is telling you is?. That spot is probably better during the low (ebb) water phase. Why? Because that?s where your quarry will probably stage to rest -or- ambush prey during the dropping tide.

Bottom line is? there are places where high tide is productive and vise versus. As a hunter, it is your responsibility to know when and where is a good time to find your quarry. Understanding the tide charts is key to a successful hunt.

Understand the tide charts well and apply it around your local waters. This is the critical time of paying your dues and doing your ?homework?. Once you have located such spot?it is very rewarding and you will be able to claim your own honey hole. ;)

I hope I?ve answered your question.

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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