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April 28, 2012 8:39 AM
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New York > Western South Shore
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If I could honestly claim that I went out this morning for some skate; I'd have a kick-ass report.

Hit the surf from 5-730a. Low tide, clean calm water, light west-east sweep, wind at my back (not a good thing) _ the water and the wind were a little chilly-it was nice.

No weeds, but didn't see any bait either.

Started with my old stand-by; my white 10z Andrus bucky with red/white uncle josh. 1st cast, 1/2 way back rod bends-thought it was a clump of weed- get it next to me - big skate-hooked in the back. Tail whippin' round had to slosh out of the water to release it. I have no barbs on any of my hooks, so release is always easy.

3 casts later, smaller skate -this one in the lip.

Moved west a little, sun was coming up, changed to a 2oz tin, green tube. Maybe 10 mins in-another skate.

Little further west, Wobbler tin. 10 mins later skate #3.

Walked back east, past where I entered, changed to this super-strike needle that I over-loaded with water. It hasn't produced yet, but I think it runs nice low in the column with a med-fast retreive (and honestly, its fun to cast). Let it sink and it bounces off the bottom. I let it sink- *bout the 5th cast skate #4.

Guess I can't complain, did give me something to do. I almost kept them, but I didn't. (I have a cousin who just graduated Culinary Arts School and said they did like a week on skate, he knows how to fillet and says he makes great dishes-idk? Anyone every keep and eat skate? Don't tell me taste like chicken...)

I did spy, admittedly with jealous eyes, a group of guys walking back off the jetty with no fewer than 2 keeper stripers.

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