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Just had an emal sent to me from FCA. Seems that there are a few proposals being given to store LNG THe Broadwater project has opposition, but the other proposals havent yet been challenged.Here is the bulk of it, and it could hurt Cholera banks and make if OFF LIMITS to fishing

There is the Broadwater proposal in L.I. Sound off of Riverhead, NY, and CT has received a FERC permit. This proposal was made in 2004 with much opposition. This is not a done deal. The governor of CT is absolutely against this project, and the NYS Governor has not commented as yet. There are legal disputes in the pipeline on the rights of the states. See the Anti-Broadwater Coalition website.

***The are two proposals off of Jones Beach inlet that have come*** into view in 2007. The first, Atlantic Sea Island Group's (ASIG), a group of private investors, 'Safe Harbor Energy' project, which is a massive manmade island in the open ocean for a LNG facility. The second is Exxon Mobil's floating terminal for LNG, called 'BlueOcean Energy'.

Safe Harbor Energy proposal is for a 62 acre island, on the surface with 116 acre base on the sea bottom in the Atlantic Ocean 13 miles off Jones Beach and 19 miles from Sandy Hook, NJ which is in the (Cholera Bank). Construction would occur from 2010 to 2014, and have an exclusionary zone of 9000 acres about 14 sq miles.

BlueOcean Energy proposal is for a LNG platform 30 miles off Jones Beach and 20 miles from NJ, also knowned as the northern tip of the Mud Hole. The project plans for a pipeline going into Raritan Bay, connecting to the pipeline from Morgan, NJ and Long Beach, NY.

As if we need more to limit our fishing now we have this junk to deal with

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