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Fishing off the Hudson Pier(s)?

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There has been a recent post about stripers caught in the East River in the East 90's , and I've read in "The Fisherman" about striper fishing further up the Hudson. Has anybody fished off the 69th Street West Side Pier, or the Boat Basin, or anyplace else on the West Side of Manhattan? Any luck? Bait or lures?

Much appreciate all info. Thanks!
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Stopped by 69th Street Pier today....

...while bicycling down the Hudson Bike path. A good number of fishermen, a number of reported striped bass and one reported trout (?!). Lovely area -- much nicer setting than the East River -- though who knows if there's any better chance of catching fish. I'll try it tonight or soon, report back.

Most using bait, one couple using lures (e.g., bass assassins, etc).

Thanks for the input.
Anything doing lately?

Haven't been out -- I've been assuming that stripers and blues have moved north until they return in the fall, but I've been wrong before. Has anyone caught anything lately? Bait? Lures? At the turn of the tide? Other times?
The water probably is too warm right now for stripers, and I haven't heard/read anything about blues at this location. I have been Out East lately and there hasn't been much luck casting from shore here either.

Recommend that you subscribe to "The Fisherman", a great weekly publication which includes fishing reports on all the areas. Get the NY/Long Island edition (there are a number of others and you probably don't want to know that much about other locations.... The magazine Noreast Saltwater -- the print version of this site -- is also good and has the virtue that it is FREE!

Maybe I'll see you at the Hudson 69th Street Pier one day soon.

There is also fishing on the East River (see the threads here about that subject).

For some reason, people seem to do b est with bait (which doesn't help me, since I use lures!), and a lot of guys use the sandworms. As far as I know, there is only one place to get these and it's a pet store on 116th street, but I've never been. Ask one of the regulars down at the 69th Street pier -- they'll know.

Good luck!
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Other NYC Park Fishing Locations

I have met people who fish extensively in the pond at Central Park and in the Harlem Meer and rave about the fishing. The harlem meer is stocked by the City -- they even have "fish-a-thons" during the Summer when they give out cane pole fishing rods to kids. I am told that there are bass and (incredibly enough) trout stocked there, and there are probably carp etc there as well. I don't know if the Parks Dept stocks the pond inthe 70's in Central Park, but I have heard people claim to have caught large bass there.

Sometimes these get covered with algae, which makes them less attractive, but Parks cleans up at least the Harlem Meer. On the weekends there can be so may rowboats on the pond that it is hard to fish, but if you go out early or late it will probably be good.
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Hudson River Piers

Back from vacation -- how I hate the "re-entry"! -- hope to get out early mornings or evenings. Will keep you posted.

Was Out East, nothing much doing from the beaches on the South Fork.

Good luck everybody.
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