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Fishing off the Hudson Pier(s)?

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There has been a recent post about stripers caught in the East River in the East 90's , and I've read in "The Fisherman" about striper fishing further up the Hudson. Has anybody fished off the 69th Street West Side Pier, or the Boat Basin, or anyplace else on the West Side of Manhattan? Any luck? Bait or lures?

Much appreciate all info. Thanks!
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I fished 69th years ago. Used to live 66 & WEA. There's a neat spot where line of rocks splits out like a v away from shore. Look for it at low tide. I'd suspect the backside could be good. Try in and around that. Conventional wisdom on river seems to be bait with blood and sandworms leading the way. Finding bloods in the city was tough. I recall a pet store somewhere had them. Capital Tackle at 212-929-6132 might be able to quote source. Boat guys swear by live herring up river. Bunker chunk get's used as well. At $10 and even $12 a dozen for the bloods, many are switching to sands and claiming same or better success. I must confess I have yet to pull a striper out of the river. Haven't tried in many years. Big cats, eels, crabs, no striper. High snag potential. I'm trying those new fish finder rigs you can find at Cabelas with a plastic tab. If weight hangs up, plastic tab should break away so you lose lead but keep critical rig.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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