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Hey Beachnit, it all depends on where you go and for what fish you go for. From one Bayport guy to another, here is what i use. When i fish the Inlet (F.I.) for bass, i use 17-20lb mono with a 25lb mono leader. For fluke in the bay, i use anything from 14lb-17lb mono. When fishing out in the ocean for fluke, the Bass poles do just fine. You can fish light on the Southshore but if you're gonna fish the Gut or Montauk, you have to go heavier....especially the Gut. As for the "Spiderwire" or other line like that, i have never used it. I guess you could say i'm "old school".
To spool a conventional reel, you could put a pencil through the hole in the spool and hold it between your two feet. Just put the line on the reel as it comes off the spool (like film on a reel to reel movie projector). You could even use a bucket of water to place the spool in but make sure it goes on the reel the same. If you're spooling up an offshore reel like an International, have the bait shop do it. If you're spooling up a spinning reel, lay the spool on it's side and let the line come off naturally but in the same way as the "movie film" theory. With both, you have to apply a lil' pressure so the line winds up properly. Hope this info helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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