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Fishing Lake Sebago- need basic help with any freshwater fishing

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Going to a place called Lake Sebago in Maine next week on vacation and hoping for a bit of basic help with freshwater fishing. I hear they got bass, pike, walleye, trout, ect. Pretty much every freshwater fish u could think of. Need some advice on tackle, lures, bait, structure, where to fish when to fish, wat fishing is good now, ect. i will be limited to shore and a small rubber raft with a trolling motor. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank u!!:)
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thanx for the reply; any special depths under the trees and how should the bottom be?flat and sandy? rocky?- also how should the plastic worms be fished? on the bottom slowly with sudden jerks? fast?
thanx for all ur help; anybody got some advice about trout, pike, chain pickerole*, and walleye??
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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