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Fishing Lake Sebago- need basic help with any freshwater fishing

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Going to a place called Lake Sebago in Maine next week on vacation and hoping for a bit of basic help with freshwater fishing. I hear they got bass, pike, walleye, trout, ect. Pretty much every freshwater fish u could think of. Need some advice on tackle, lures, bait, structure, where to fish when to fish, wat fishing is good now, ect. i will be limited to shore and a small rubber raft with a trolling motor. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank u!!:)
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Do yourself a HUGE favor. Get yourself a couple of Jitterbugs and fish at night a couple of times. Fish all around the shoreline casting towards shore and retrieing at a speed that you hear the bloop,bloop,bloop of the jitterbug. A little tough fishing in the dark but once you get the hang of it the rewards will be great. Check out some pictures I posted under Adirondack Bass on this forum. Paradox is the same type of lake you will be fishing- I hope you have the same type of results. To add on to what the other gentleman said about looking for structure, I'd reccomend fishing the entire shoreline from the raft. Sometimes you don't get to see what is under the water, especially from a raft. I love the wacky worm set up, I use a little split shot about 12" above the hook when fishing by rocks and deeper water. I also love the banjo minnow if you can find them. Good luck and let us know how you make out!
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