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Fishing In Santo Domingo Dom Rep Any Help?

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Date: 1/23/2003 8:15:23 AM Eastern Standard Time
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Date Posted: January 22, 2003 4:29 PM
Posted By: sharktango
Location: Santo Domingo?/Advice

Looking for some input if any body has fished off santo Domingo DR (fishing village of Juan Dolio). Going down in Feb for 9 days w/ the luvly lady to smoke some arturo fuentes, pollute my inner spirits with lots of little tropical umbrella drinks and hopefully nail some wahoo and dorado.

I have fished Bimin, Acapulco, Cabo, Grand Caymans ,Jamaica, The keys , and the gulf, - Acapulco being the only area out of the listed that I would swear on. Long Island has a lot better fishing than most of these jazzed up Island getaways. Acapulco has some many damm sailfish but your stomach just never wants to let you have a good time of it. Jamaica tha boat was to stoned or was that the boats name ,the Caymans dont believe the hype with the multi million dollar marlin tournaments(fished one when I worked on a mgmt company down there)- real nice boats lots of expensive gear but inexperienced captains and every boat has the word HOOKER in it, Cabo is ok, the keys is a lot better on tv( make a lemon shark seem like a 605 Thresher)spear the bone fish for the egrets or those nuts in Walkers Cay. I think skip or flip needs to get off the PCP. and the gulf is a hit or miss with rough seas the norm.

So the point has any body fished the DR Santo Domingo. We are staying off the fishing town/village of Juan Dolio

Thanks Don on DEVOCEAN
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any color from anyone on peurta plata; northeast atlantic coast. we'll be there over easter. anyone, bueller? g
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